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Is Sky Muster™ Plus unmetered work-from-home data here to stay?

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There is a big question looming. It comes off the back of the relief data nbn™ delivered to rural Australians during COVID-19. Some of which is ending on 19 August 2020.

The question now that we’re all going back to the office is this:

Is Sky Muster™ Plus unmetered work-from-home data here to stay?


We have great news for you!

All that unmetered data being enjoyed by Sky Muster™ Plus users is definitely here to stay.

See, there is one important thing that many people don’t realise about the relaunch of Sky Muster™ Plus back in April 2020.

It was a pure coincidence that it happened in line with the COVID-19 lockdowns across the country.

The face-lift for rural satellite broadband had been scheduled to happen long before anyone ever heard of COVID-19.

It just happened to be a beautiful reality that rural Australian workers came out trumps as a result.

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How are rural Australians getting unmetered online work from home data?

When nbn™ relaunched Sky Muster™ Plus, they did so with the goal of giving rural and remote Australians peace of mind about their data usage.

It’s not quite satellite internet without data limits, but it’s pretty close.


They flipped the previous Sky Muster™ Plus experience on its head completely. Suddenly, everything you wanted to do online became unmetered – the only exclusions: video streaming and VPN traffic.

All this unmetered data made life far easier for the abundance of rural Australians who found themselves working from home and relying more than ever on satellite internet.

With their move to a Sky Muster™ Plus plan came unmetered access to online work from home activities including:

  • Video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Messenger, GoToMeetings and more)
  • Cloud programs (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Cloud accounting programs, Canva, iCloud)
  • Email (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and others)
  • Voice calling (WiFi calling, VOiP, Messenger, Skype and others)
  • Software and app downloads and updates
  • General web-browsing

Work and study are by-and-large FREE to access online as long as you’re not streaming video from YouTube.

Download our infographic to get the full picture of unmetered inclusions


What do you actually pay for on Sky Muster™ Plus?

In short: Video streaming and VPN traffic.

Your online work from home life is essentially free.

But, when the working day is done, the best of us can be eager to kick back on the couch and completely zone out.

That’s when you want to know the data you’re actually paying for is waiting for you to binge your favourite shows on Netflix, Stan, SBS Online, YouTube or whatever video streaming platform you prefer.

We did mention VPN traffic is also metered alongside video streaming.

If you have a VPN for work, we recommend you turn it off for anything that doesn’t involve sensitive information.

This way, you’ll be keeping as much data as you can for your video streaming.

Become a pro at internet jargon

Not already on a Sky Muster™ Plus plan?

That’s an easy fix, especially for all existing rural satellite broadband users.

Start here. Compare the standard Sky Muster™ plans with new Sky Muster™ Plus plans

Then just reach out to our incredibly friendly Aussie Team on 1300 759 637, and we’ll get you sorted out.

Check your address to see what kind of connection you’re eligible for if you’ve never had a rural nbn™ connection.

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