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SkyMesh has a new look

Inspired by and featuring several of our 35,000+ customers who live in regional Australia, today, we’re revealing our new look.

Why now?

Well, we’ve known for some time that our site required some TLC, but ultimately, it dawned on us, while we are nbn’s #1 specialised regional internet provider, we just looked like any other internet service provider.

So, we needed a new look which accurately reflected who we are since exiting the metro nbn fibre roll-out game, one that summarised succinctly what we do and showcased our 10+ year ongoing commitment to connecting regional Australians.

What’s changed?

After a trip to Tasmania and parts of Queensland, where we filmed a series of eight short customer stories, we were really inspired by the scenery and the stories our customer told, several of whom lived completely off the grid. It, therefore, only seemed right to feature some of the locations, colours and people we met along the way throughout our new site.

We also sought to increase the speed of the site (which is an ongoing task), simplify the site’s navigation and support content.

What next?

Overall, this new look is not about changing who we are, just a better way to reflect what we do and the people we help connect across regional Australia.

If you’ve been with SkyMesh for a while, you’ll know that we’re always trying to improve and deliver more for less, examples include:

This makeover is just a small piece of that continuous process of trying to go above and beyond for our regional customers.

Up next, the long-overdue renovation of our customer login, My SkyMesh, which is being worked on now and due early 2020.

Not a customer yet?

Check your address to see which SkyMesh service is available at your property, or call us on 1300 759 637 for a run through with one of our friendly advisors.

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Barney Lassen
Written by Barney Lassen

Originally from Oxford (UK), Barney's headed up the Marketing team since 2016. Outside of work, you might catch him down his local swimming pool or walking his very-good-girl, Macey.

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