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SkyMesh drives safety for 2020 Monaro Stages Rally

Red rally race car churning up dirt of the track

I’m certain we all feel like we’ve been taking corners sharply and churning up dirt this year.

Likewise, we’ve all been wondering what the safety plan is and desperately yearning for a strong connection to those in charge, hoping they know how to rescue us if anything goes awry.  

While SkyMesh can’t solve that issue globally, we can proudly announce sponsorship that solves the safety connection issue for organisers of the 2020 Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages Rally. 


We’re thrilled to provide a free installation and connection to Sky Muster™ Plus for the lead up to – and duration of – this year’s Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages Rally at Cooma, NSW on 31 October.

The sponsored Sky Muster™ Plus connection will power the event’s RallySafe set-up.

SkyMesh set up this Sky Muster installation at the Monaro Rally 2020 headquarters

[Caption: This is the EXACT satellite dish SkyMesh has organised at the Monaro Rally 2020 headquarters for their Sky Muster Plus connection]

RallySafe is a digital safety system which is installed in every vehicle to communicate the location, status and any potential dangers or hazards facing rally drivers on the track.

It means that officials back at rally headquarters can keep a watchful eye on drivers at all times and respond quickly if trouble ensues.

The system also communicates with other drivers on the route, so they know if there is a hazard ahead of them to be weary of, or if there’s a situation needing their assistance.

Without a strong internet connection, this system simply doesn’t work.

Monaro Rally Organiser Kim Winks

[Caption: Meet Rally Organiser Kim Winks. She’s also a navigator and is most definitely a rally event enthusiast]

Rally Organiser Kim Winks says, “The connection ensures that competitors and event directors can communicate without delay.

“We must ensure that the event has internet coverage to provide this safety procedure. 

“Normally, this limits the areas we are able to run in and puts stress on the event with delayed response times.

“Safety is paramount in our sport and drivers are very pleased to have SkyMesh on board with the Sky Muster™ Plus service,” says Kim.

“As a very small club that relies on the strength of its volunteers, we feel very privileged to be provided with this service to support us.

“It ensures the safety and connectivity of our event, which in turn helps volunteers feel safe.”

What the Sky Muster™ Plus connection means to rally drivers and navigators

“Recently I was involved in a very serious accident at a rally event, where myself and my driver were air lifted to the nearest hospital. 

 Without the live RallySafe connection, the response time would have been delayed. 

This service, along with the safety gear on a rally car and personal PPE, is the most important aspect of running a successful safe event.   

It gives me great comfort knowing that this service is available in a normally unserviceable forest environment.”  

Rally participant – Mike B.

Want to know how RallySafe works

Here’s an explainer video from the makers of the RallySafe system. If you’re keen to watch it, you’ll need about 6minutes to spare.



Organiser Kim Winks has often navigated in the past for her husband Russell who is a rally driver.

In the video below, you can see Kim and Russell face a legitimately dangerous situation and put the RallySafe connection into practice. To watch this, you’ll need about 4 minutes.


SkyMesh are proud to keep regional communities connected

Given the year we’ve all had with bushfires, floods, COVID19 and now a recession, events like the 2020 Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages Rally are crucial to lifting the spirits of rural Australian communities.

Kim says the Snowy Mountains community and residents have embraced and welcomed the event with enthusiasm.

“Their support has been paramount, and they look forward to seeing the cars race past,” she says.

In years gone by, the event has attracted more than 50 drivers, 80 officials and 600 spectators. Everyone involved in organising the event is a volunteer.

Organisers are expecting a bigger than ever turn out for the 2020 rally which was nominated for an Australia Day Award for Best Local Event in 2019 and won the Motorsports Australia Best State Event for NSW/ACT in 2018. What a testament to the event and the Light Car Club of Canberra.

SkyMesh are proud to be sponsoring this event and keeping regional communities connected.

Looking for your own Sky Muster™ Plus connection? Start with the big orange button

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Red rally race car churning up dirt of the track
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