Sky Muster™ Plus: What existing Sky Muster™ users need to know

Sky Muster™ Plus: What existing Sky Muster™ users need to know

Earlier in the week, nbn co announced the planned release of Sky Muster™ Plus in 2019, a new product with proposed inclusions such as unmetered web browsing, email and operating system updates.

While it’s early days for the Sky Muster™ Plus product, which is still in the industry consultation phase, it’s exciting news for rural and regional Australians.

Here are the key takeaways for existing residential service users excited about the prospect of unmetered plans.

Announcement highlights:

  • Planned unmetered data for web browsing, email and operating system updates
  • Unmetered content to remain unshaped even when the service is shaped after exceeding the monthly data allowance
  • The ability for speeds to burst above 25 Mbps (when applications and network support allows)
  • Other content such as video streaming, online gaming and file sharing will remain metered
  • Designed as an alternative to the existing Sky Muster™ satellite service
  • It is not designed to be a replacement service for existing plans in the market
  • A separate Fair Use Policy (FUP) will be used to help ensure fair access to the network, especially during peak hours
  • Pricing is to be announced after nbn co finalises the wholesale product
  • The suitability of either the existing Sky Muster™ service or the new Sky Muster™ Plus service will depend on your needs
  • Additional services to enable remote telehealth and distance education.

Our reaction:

In simple terms, Sky Muster™ Plus sees the introduction of selective unmetering of some content, the selective shaping of bandwidth-hungry content during peak periods and the ability to burst above the normal plan speed.

Alongside other regional stakeholders, SkyMesh has been advocating the further utilisation of existing capacity on the service for some time during regular consultations with nbn™  and we’re delighted about the announcement.

Stephen O’Shanassy (SkyMesh Managing Director) adds:

“Universally, data consumption is increasing rapidly and new products like this, along with the proposed Business Satellite Service, are making big inroads to bridge the digital divide in Australia. This is a big win for rural communities and SkyMesh satellite customers.”

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Barney Lassen
Written by Barney Lassen

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