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Customers say new satellite internet bridges rural/urban digital divide

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We just saw mind-blowing results from the May 2020 survey we sent to all Sky Muster™ Plus customers at SkyMesh.


70 per cent of customers have declared the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus satellite internet service is helping to bridge the rural/urban digital divide!

83 per cent of existing customers who upgraded to Sky Muster™ Plus said the service was significantly better than their original Sky Muster™ service.

And a phenomenal 90 per cent of Sky Muster™ Plus customers also said they would recommend the new service to a mate.

“Skymuster plus has helped ease the stress of having to constantly monitor our previously limited data quota”

– Simone Coleman, SkyMesh customer

Family of internet users on different devices

What we’re hearing is that the new Sky Muster™ Plus is a game changer for rural Australia.

Customers are telling us that they’ve never felt more in control of their data and they’ve never had such online freedom.

Their days of data watching are just gone.

Now, customers can still access so many essential online activities long after they’ve used all their metered data so there is no fear that emails and banking can’t be done.

Why, because everything is unmetered on the new Sky Muster™ Plus except for video streaming and VPN traffic.

“Absolutely love Sky Muster™ Plus!
Our usage is so much more now we have access to unmetered data. No more checking our usage daily (with kids home especially) and constantly limiting everyone‘s usage so we don’t get slowed before the end of the month.
If metered data runs out, I can still access everything I need with amazing speed and kids not having Netflix or YouTube is not the end of the world. At a reasonable monthly cost, I highly recommend Sky Muster™ Plus.”

– Nancy Ernst, SkyMesh customer

Generalised data about SkyMesh customers’ Sky Muster™ Plus usage backs up the survey findings. Our data shows that aside from the necessary work, education and communication platforms, users are getting the most out of their unmetered data from gaming platforms, social media, iTunes and cloud storage.

Father and son online gaming

“It actually works!
Our children have been gaming, updating their technology and even occasionally using google classroom.
My husband and I can finally effectively use MYOB and email for our business without having to drive 30km into town.
It has literally changed our life!”

– Kate, SkyMesh customer

So many of our customers have written to us, specifically to let us know how Sky Muster™ Plus has changed life for their families.

To hear that our rural customers no longer have to leave their rural properties and take long drives into town to use email is what our business is all about at SkyMesh.

“Glad we made the change. Without Sky Muster Plus I would not be able to work from home and my son would not be able to study for his University degree.”

– Jane, SkyMesh customer

Uni student on internet at home

The reimagined nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus service launched on 1 April 2020, and as you can see, it’s done so with substantial excitement.

It ranges in cost from $69.95 per month for a 50GB plan through to $199.95 per month for a 300GB plan.

Every plan includes unmetered content for social media, video and wifi calling, audio streaming, education platforms, gaming and downloads, cloud storage and software updates.

You can see more about unmetered versus metered content on Sky Muster™ Plus in our handy infographic.

If you’re not already on Sky Muster™ Plus and you’re eligible for satellite internet where you live, check out the handy comparison table and plans available now.
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