Rural business joy from new nbn™ satellite Internet plans

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SkyMesh is gearing up to spread joy throughout rural and remote Australian businesses with new satellite Internet plans designed just for them.

The recent nbn™ announcement advising they would open their satellite Internet network to Australian businesses gave SkyMesh the opportunity to launch their long-awaited business and enterprise plans.

Mitch Eyles, SkyMesh Business Development Manager, said that the new business-grade plans come with bigger data allocations, faster speeds and tailored business SLAs which made it far more fit-for-purpose than regular Sky Muster or Sky Muster Plus plans.

“SkyMesh will partner with rural and remote Australian businesses to find the right, bespoke Internet connectivity solutions to their business problems,” said Mitch.

“Once we talk through the specifics of your business needs, we can tailor a plan designed just for you,” he said.

For example: If your business has multiple geographically isolated sites, SkyMesh could put together a solution that includes a fleet plan – sharing a single data allowance across multiple services.

Mitch Eyles

[PHOTO: Meet Mitch Eyles, SkyMesh Business Development Manager]

Alternatively, you might need something with even more flexibility for a business that has onsite staff lodgings. You might need SkyMesh to provide a sizeable monthly data allowance, giving your staff the comfort of ongoing communications with friends and family, and access to streaming services such as Netflix and ABC iView.

Unlike residential-grade satellite services, nbn™ Business Satellite Services are not speed limited once the monthly data allowance is reached. You can now feel safe in the knowledge there’ll be no interruption to the essential activities of your business.

Aussie farmer looking out over a sheep paddock

Agribusiness is one area that stands to gain a lot from the nbn™ announcement says Mitch.

“While not specifically designed for the Internet of Things, businesses will still be able to improve operations with tools such as those which monitor feed levels, and then automate the feeding process with well-placed sensors,” he says.

“Likewise, with sensors to monitor fences and troughs. It’s great for maximising the use of employees’ time.

“And think about the value of having sensors for your dams so you know whether they’re polluted, whether you need to buy water in, or whether you need to move your cattle around,” says Mitch.

“For small cattle stations who are always needing more staff than they can afford, the new satellite business plans open up opportunities for you to innovate and get your precious human resources focused on the big issues rather than the nitty-gritty.

Australian farm in drought with tractor

“For farms of all sizes, this is where opportunities exist to improve your bottom-line with a bit of old-fashioned Australian ingenuity.

“The gamut of efficiencies that could be driven here are truly endless and we’d love to help you navigate your way to that success,” he says.

In addition to new offerings like fleet plans where data can be shared across sites, made-to-measure reporting of data usage will also be available with business plans.

SkyMesh Business Satellite Services start at $649 per month and then increase in 100GB increments as per nbn™ guidelines.


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