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What kind of online gamer are you?

A mix of gaming consoles are available these days but people have their favourites

Contrary to popular belief, there are many rural online gamers out there. Many are having a successful satellite online gaming experience because they’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t and how to navigate the ups and downs.  

If you like online gaming but you think it’s just too hard with a rural nbn™ connection, we’ve got great news for you. We’ve got plenty of content coming to help you figure it all out.


The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association tell us that nearly two-thirds of adult Australians play video games.

At SkyMesh, we know that rural online gaming comes in many forms.

Just like in metro areas, there are some people who play casually when they’ve got a spare moment, or maybe while waiting for an appointment, or killing time before going to sleep.

But, we also know there are others who are far more serious about their online gaming, scheduling their play and battling it out in a super competitive environment.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten about the challenges that come with satellite online gaming specifically. It’s why we compiled the Definitive Guide to Online Gaming with Sky Muster™.

The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming with Sky Muster

But what kind of online gamer are you?

Are you a multi-platform gamer?

A recent study by Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) showed that 72 per cent of all Australian households have more than one gaming device.

These days, gaming happens across a wide variety of devices including PC, mobile, gaming consoles, tablets or other handheld devices.

The availability of gaming libraries like Apple Arcade makes it incredibly easy for multi-platform gamers to pick-up their game on the closest and most convenient platform, without skipping a beat. It’s pretty awesome that you can start playing your Apple Arcade game on your iPhone and pick it up later on your iPad, MacBook or Mac.

You can do the exact same thing with the Google Play Games app on Android devices, as long as you make use of the Saved Games function in the Google Play Console.

Are you a console gamer?

Among Australians who’ve chosen to stay true to gaming consoles (rather than use multiple platforms or be a specific user of PC or mobile) the following seem to be their clear favourites:

Game play on a Nintendo Switch

Are you a mobile gamer?

Not to be forgotten, is the kind of gamer who likes to hang out on their mobile phone or tablet.

If you’re that kind of gamer, you may be interested in Apple Arcade.

The Apple offering gives you access through the Apple Store to a subscription of more than 100 games without in-app purchases or advertisements.

You can also download these Apple Arcade games and play them offline. This way, you’re saving precious data and removing the issue of latency that comes with satellite Internet gaming.

If you’re more of an Android user when it comes to handheld devices, you’ll find plenty of games to play in the Google Play Games Store.

The Google Play Games Store is stocked with all sorts of games, including the sort you can play without an Internet connection after you download it the first time (just like Apple Arcade).

Obviously, when satellite is your Internet tech, you’ll have a much-improved gaming experience if you play offline and don’t have to worry about the inherent latency issue.

Girl gamer on a PC set up

Are you a PC gamer?

If you’re a really serious gamer, you’re likely to have all the bells and whistles on a suped-up PC. The custom building of gaming PCs is a lucrative business. And, a custom PC can set you back thousands of dollars depending on which particular bells and whistles you want/need for your particular gaming preferences.

There are specialists all over the country to help you get the equipment you need. A Google search for custom gaming PCs will help you find them in your state.

Satellite Internet connections have an unpleasant knack of causing PC-gamers to end up… well… killed off mid-game.

Serious PC gamers tend to be more interested in First Person Shooter (FPS) games which require a fast Internet connection. Unfortunately, satellite Internet connections have an inbuilt latency factor which makes it practically impossible for you to play these kinds of games online against other people.

While you will never remove the high lag factor from your satellite Internet gaming experience, you may be able to improve it by tweaking a few settings on your computer and/or within your game.

And if all that fails you, there are definitely options to play these kinds of games in single-player modes offline. Games like the Call of Duty franchise have some really groovy bots you can play against, including zombie bots!

Trying to master satellite online gaming? We recommend Sky Muster™ Plus if you’re a regular gamer. It comes with unmetered data for game play, downloads and updates.


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