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nbn™ relaxes its Sky Muster™ Fair Use Policy

nbn™ relaxes its Sky Muster™ Fair Use Policy

nbn™ has a Fair Use Policy in place in order to help ensure fair access to the Sky Muster™ service, especially during Peak Hours. End users of the service though have been asking for more data since the service launched and nbn has decided to relax its Fair Use Policy in October 2017 which is great news for those in rural and regional Australia.

nbn’s™ current policy limits Retail Service Providers like SkyMesh to an average of 30 GB of downloads per customer in any four week period. As a result of this policy, our broadband plans with smaller data allowances represent better value than those with larger ones. nbn™ has stated that this limit will be increased by 50% to an average of 45 GB downloads per customer. While smaller plans will still be better value, the change means that we will be able to sell more of our larger plans which is a great result for the end user.

nbn™ also currently limits the peak-hour data usage of individual customers to no more than 75 GB in any four week period. This policy limits the largest plan that Retail Service Providers can offer. Under the new policy though, this will be increased to 150 GB meaning that the data allowance of our largest plan can be bigger than before.  Since nbn co’s wholesale pricing hasn’t been reduced, such a plan would also have a correspondingly higher monthly fee.  Despite some rumours, this change in policy does not mean that the data allowances of all plans will double.

When the new policy comes into effect, we expect to start offering a new set of plans that take advantage of the new policy. While we understand that existing and potential customers are keen to learn what these plans will look like, we can’t rush the development of new plans as we need to make sure we remain in compliance with nbn’s™ new fair use policy. Once these have been agreed we will notify our existing customers so they can take advantage of the new data allowances and switch plans via My SkyMesh.

SkyMesh continues its goal of providing fast, reliable broadband across regional and rural Australia and welcomes the changes.

Sky Muster™ service installations will be in high demand in the lead up to October, so if you are considering upgrading to the service, beat the rush and get your application in today! Apply online or speak with one of our friendly sales advisors on 1300 759 637 for more information.

Aaron Payne
Written by Aaron Payne

Aaron joined SkyMesh in May 2015 and is now our Sales supervisor.

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