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NBN™ applies the brakes to HFC rollout

NBN™ applies the brakes to HFC rollout

nbn co has announced that, from 11 December 2017, it will no longer accept new connection orders for services on its HFC network. The company is also pushing back Ready For Service dates in areas where HFC is being rolled out by approximately 6 to 9 months. These changes are designed to help it improve service quality on its HFC network.

Remediation work will be performed first in areas where the service is already rolled out to raise the customer experience. Then, once these areas meet the required standard, nbn co will again focus on completing the HFC rollout to 3 million premises.

Here is brief summary of the changes that might apply to some premises in nbn co’s current and proposed HFC footprint.

Summary of changes

Status of your premises as of 11 December 2017What happens after 11 December 2017?
*There are exceptions to the information provided below.
nbn™ Installationnbn™ ServiceLegacy Services
(Non-nbn™ Services)
nbn™ HFC Services
Not installedN/ALegacy services will not be disconnected.Please wait until nbn co announce that your premises is Ready For Service.
InstalledInactivePlease check if disconnection dates or cease sale dates apply for your particluar circumstances.Please wait until nbn co announces that it will start accepting orders again.
InstalledActiveLegacy services will be disconnected as scheduled.You can still:

Transfer to SkyMesh from another nbn service provider

Order additional SkyMesh nbn HFC services

Reconnect a nbn HFC service that was cancelled after 11 December 2017

As a result of this announcement, we’ve been receiving lots of questions from customers and nbn™ ready households looking to connect via HFC.

How does this affect existing nbn™ HFC customers?

In short, it does not. If you have an active nbn™ service on 11 December 2017, your nbn™ service will remain active.

I’m already connected. Can I still change plan or speed tier?

Yes, please change your plan in My SkyMesh like you normally would.

I’ve just moved into a house where HFC was connected. How do I connect?

If there was an active nbn™ HFC service at the premises on 11 December 2017 that was subsequently cancelled, we can re-connect the service.

If there wasn’t an active service on that date, we’re sorry, you will need to wait until nbn co start accepting new connection orders again.

NBN™ applies the brakes to HFC rollout
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