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SkyMesh is investing in you

Older rural woman who is one of SkyMesh's customers sits at her laptop looking at the SkyMesh blog and giving the thumbs up with a smile on her face.

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Premium customer experiences are not created with a set-and-forget attitude which is why we’re investing in whatever it takes to ensure your experience of us far exceeds your expectation.

The way we do that is to keep delivering the best customer experience we can through:

  • the quality of the internet connection you receive, and
  • the way you feel when you chat with us directly.

No matter which internet technology we’re talking about, nbn have provided a solid foundation for service with their entire network.

But that’s not where the factors impacting your connection end.

The internet service provider you’re using must also have a resilient network that builds upon the nbn foundations.

This year, SkyMesh will go further than ever to strengthen our network stability so that the reliable internet connection you love from us is as steady as an old friend.

Take a look at our key investment areas for 2021 to see how that’s going to happen.

Key investment areas for 2021 include:

Upgrading key hardware in our New South Wales data centre to optimise network performance

More modern equipment in our New South Wales data centre is really good news for all of our satellite internet customers – and a fair chunk of our fixed wireless internet customers – because this is the spot through which we channel all of your connections. Shiny new equipment with all the mod-cons at SkyMesh means you get increased connection reliability and stability to enjoy all your favourite online activities.

Installing a back-up server in our Queensland data centre

This will supercharge our capacity to keep your online access to your account and your emails up-and-running with little-to-no down time.  We also have one of these servers in our New South Wales data centre.

Implementing new backend systems to speed up all the things happening with your account behind the scenes

We’re talking about being able to both activate new connections and take actions relevant to your account at a faster pace than our legacy systems have permitted.

Employing additional customer engagement officers so that you spend as little time as possible in phone queues waiting to speak with someone

We know the past 12-months or more have been a bit chaotic on the phones, but we are working very hard at recruiting and training new people to ease the load. The first round of new customer engagement officers have recently been appointed and are currently undergoing training. As the recruitment program continues, even more customer engagement officers will come online. Improving your experience in this area is a top priority for us.

Launching our brand new online customer platform

This is just a fancy way of saying we’ve revamped how you access your account online. It will come with a new look, a waft of new features and will be infinitely easier to use. We’re working on some videos that will help guide you through the whole process, so you don’t have to worry at all about learning the new system. We’ve got you covered!

This is just the beginning of what’s to come this year so stay tuned.

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Older rural woman who is one of SkyMesh's customers sits at her laptop looking at the SkyMesh blog and giving the thumbs up with a smile on her face.
Louise Hughes
Written by Louise Hughes

Louise has had a life-long love affair with beautiful words; writing because it drives her, and reading because it feeds her soul. She's the luckiest woman alive to be able to create clever content and intelligent customer experiences for a living.

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