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How the new Sky Muster Plus is far more epic than the original

Ground station satellite dish

When nbn’s Sky Muster Plus originally landed in the rural internet market back in August 2019, it was thought to bring a new level of freedom to outback web surfers.

Then in April 2020, the new reimagined Sky Muster Plus hit the market.

And it completely changed the game.


The original Sky Muster Plus (August 2019 – March 2020)

The original nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus came with higher speeds than we were used to seeing on satellite internet services, and it also came with unmetered emailing, basic web-browsing and some software updates.

It may have been better than we’d seen in the past, but it wasn’t quite there.

SkyMesh, other rural internet providers and stakeholder groups like BIRRR gave nbn™ feedback from customers which they took on board, leading to a raft of very awesome tweaks to the service.

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The new Sky Muster Plus (April 2020 – Now)

On the flip side of that, however, is the brilliantly reimagined Sky Muster Plus which saw SkyMesh alone sign-up hundreds of customers in the first month.

The reason for that is simple.

There is more than enough data for everyone.

The new version gave users close to 70 per cent more unmetered data than they’d ever had before.

Now, by default, everything you do on the internet with a Sky Muster Plus account is unmetered except for VPN traffic and video streaming.

Rural internet users have found themselves with an unprecedented level of online freedom, untethered from the constraints of the expensive metered data they previously required for so many day-to-day online activities.

The unmetered data on the current service gives people the peace of mind that doing the things they love online won’t result in them being shaped before the end of the month.

Those with the reimagined service effectively have themselves a dedicated video streaming account… oh my, all that Netflix, Disney Plus, Stan and whatnot!

Not to mention, it’s heaven for the rural online gamers out there who have struggled with downloading their games, keeping them updated and then actually playing them on past satellite internet services.

Gaming is a huge feature of the new Sky Muster Plus because of the unlimited downloads and software updates, and we’re getting sensational feedback from customers about it.

Simon McKnight, SkyMesh Sky Muster Plus customer talks about online gaming

“We play many different types of online games. Anything from indie games all the way through to triple A games that chew all the bandwidth.

“It’s really good to have Sky Muster Plus because we can now download the triple A games which we often play offline in single player mode. 

“You need to be mindful of the higher ping if you play online, we are on satellite. That’s a fact.

“For us, it hasn’t been that much of an issue. But you do have to be mindful of it as it’s not recommended because the lag is so high.”

*SkyMesh do not recommend playing MMO or first-person shooter games on satellite internet connections because you will undoubtedly get a pin of around 600ms. Please see our Definitive Guide to Online Gaming with Sky Muster for how to have your best online gaming experience.

Whatever it is you want to do online, the new service removes the need to prioritise your passions and essentials.

It’s not a data competition anymore.

You will have more than enough data to work-from-home, study, game online, chat to friends and family overseas, handle life admin, run a small business, listen to music and get lost down the rabbit hole of web browsing.

Let’s compare the original with the reimagined Sky Muster Plus


FeatureSky Muster Plus (original)
August 2019 – March 2020
Sky Muster Plus (reimagined) April 2020 – Now
Burst speeds
Unmetered emails
Unmetered web-browsing
Unmetered software updates
Unmetered social media
Unmetered video conferencing
Unmetered use of cloud programs
Unmetered gaming
Unmetered voice calling
Unmetered audio streaming
Unmetered education programs
Unmetered VPN traffic
Unmetered video streaming

Download our infographic cheat-sheet   DOWNLOAD

If you tried the original Sky Muster Plus (pre-April 2020), you might have been a bit disappointed by your experience and gone back to the standard Sky Muster service. Worse, you may have given up on nbn™ altogether.

Give it another go because we are 100 per cent positive that you’ll absolutely love the reimagined Sky Muster Plus and all the added bang for buck you get.

It’s more than a game-changer. It’s a life-changer.

You can take a look at the high value Sky Muster Plus available plans right here.

Are you eligible for Sky Muster Plus where you live?

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The Definitive Guide to Online Gaming with Sky Muster

Ground station satellite dish
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