FREE Sky Muster™ Holiday Data

FREE Sky Muster™ Holiday Data

The first school term is almost over, to celebrate we are giving away 15GB of FREE peak data to all of our Sky Muster™ satellite customers.

Every Sky Muster™ customer will receive a 5 GB data block, each Friday, for a total of 3 weeks.

Since Data Blocks don’t roll over into the next billing period, we’ve split the 15GB up into 3 GB blocks to help ensure all customers, irrespective of the billing date, have ample time to enjoy the FREE data.

If you can’t see the data blocks arrive within your account during the below dates, please contact our accounts team so we can investigate.

When will the data blocks be available?

05/04/19: QLD, VIC

12/04/19: QLD, VIC, NSW, WA, SA, ACT, TAS, NT

19/04/19: QLD, VIC, NSW, WA, SA, ACT, TAS, NT

26/04/19: NSW, WA, SA, ACT, TAS, NT

Not A SkyMesh customer?

If you’re looking to join SkyMesh and take advantage of the bonus data, Apply before the start of school holidays starting in your territory/state and the data will automatically be applied to your account, Its that easy!

We hope you enjoy the data blocks. Happy holidays!

Ben Davis
Written by Ben Davis

Ben joined SkyMesh back in 2010 as part of our Support and Deployments team. He has since joined the Marketing team in early 2017 and now looks after our various social media channels.