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Moving to the country? Do this to avoid losing sleep over your internet connection.

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If you’re currently living in a suburban or metro area of Australia, you probably think the internet is everywhere.

And you’d be right. The internet is everywhere, but depending on where you’re located, the type of technology that connects you to the internet will be different and so will your experience.

If you’re moving to the country, knowing what rural internet technology is available and understanding it will make your tree change just a little smoother.


1. Know what internet technology is available at your new country home

We have a very simple tool that can tell you what kind of internet technology is available at your new address.

All you need to do is click the button below and type in the address you’re moving to in the country.

You’ll instantly get results on your screen telling you what type of internet technology is available there and whether or not we can help you with a connection for that technology.

check address

SkyMesh homepage screenshot showing where you can check your address

2. Understand the different types of rural internet technology

Fixed Wireless

nbn™ fixed wireless delivers the internet to your home via radio signals in much the same way a mobile phone receives 4G internet.

The signal transmits from your local fixed wireless tower to an nbn™ antenna on your roof which communicates with your router so you can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection.


Also known as Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ Plus, nbn™ satellite internet services have been specifically designed to reach some of the most remote and toughest parts of Australia.

This happens via two satellites in space that beam a signal to a satellite dish on your house somewhere (usually on your roof or on the side of your home).

Check out our far more detailed post here on how nbn™ satellite internet actually works

Satellite dish on side of house


When you’re connecting to the internet using a mobile device away from a Wi-Fi connection, it is likely you’re connecting to the 4G mobile broadband network.

4G is the fourth-generation mobile broadband/cellular network. It relies on a network of towers across the country to transmit radio signals picked up by receivers fitted with mobile broadband modems. Such receivers include mobile phones, tablets, dongles and so forth.

Mobile broadband networks can be traced back to the voice only, analogue 1G in the 1980s followed by 2G in 1991 which allowed for SMS, picture messaging and MMS as well. In 1998, 3G came to light and permitted internet connection at the speed of 384Kbps – 2Mbps. Finally, in the late 2000s, 4G was released at an estimated 500x faster than its predecessor.

We now wait for the launch of the controversial 5G technology, currently being rolled out across Australia.


ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) was the saviour for internet users back in 1999 when Telstra launched the first ADSL service in the Australian market.

It made internet life-after-dial-up feel like travelling on a bullet train.

But just like your old dial-up service did, ADSL relies on your copper phone line to connect you to the internet.

The most noticeable difference being that you can make calls from your landline and use the internet at the same time on ADSL.

Back in the dark days of dial-up, it was an either/or situation. You couldn’t do both at the same time.

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Fixed Wireless Tower

A few things to know about new nbn™ fixed wireless or satellite internet installations

We will always double check the technology and check there is a good line of sight for signal transmission when you contact us and before we send an nbn™ technician your way.

They always do their own checks when they arrive to perform an installation however, and those checks are always going to be more accurate on site.

Fixed wireless internet

If you’re moving into the nbn™ fixed wireless footprint and the equipment has already been installed at your home, you’re good to go. We’ll get you connected, no problems.

If you’re moving somewhere that needs all the equipment installed fresh, then we’ll organise for nbn to send out a technician.

As we mentioned before, when the technician arrives, they’ll check the signal strength. If that goes well, no problems, a standard free installation goes ahead, and we connect you right up.

If the signal check fails, the technician will try testing the signal from a few other spots on your property.

At this point, they’re looking to see if a non-standard installation is possible.

In the case that is a possibility, there is likely to be a cost associated with the equipment being installed. The technician will let you know what’s happening, will get you a quote and arrange to come back another day to make magic happen.

In the case that both checks fail, nbn will move your property into their satellite internet footprint.

It can take 24 – 48 hours for nbn to let us know about any of this though, sometimes it takes a smidge longer. But we promise that as soon as we hear from nbn we will get straight in touch with you and get you sorted out as quick as we can.

Satellite internet

When it comes to satellite internet products, Sky Muster™ or Sky Muster™ Plus, the signal checks rarely fail.

If they do, it’s usually because of trees blocking the signal. In that case, you can arrange to get them cut down and the installation should go ahead successfully.

Alternatively, the technician can see if it’s possible for them to install a ground mount without issue.

Either way, they’ll let you know the plan and as soon as we hear from them, you’ll hear from us.

Happy father and daughter using the internet

The SkyMesh view on regional, rural and remote internet

We specialise in regional, rural and remote Australian internet at SkyMesh and it’s no accident that we only sell nbn™ fixed wireless and satellite internet connections. We genuinely believe that these are the best options available.

It’s because of that belief that we stand-by both the technology and the capacity of our all Aussie support team to make sure you have the best internet experience possible.

Find out what internet technology is available at your new address

check address

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