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$750 million investment in rural connectivity announced

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On the 22nd of March, the government and nbn announced a combined investment of $750 million into a new 5G network.

This is great news for rural Australia and the investment is welcomed by SkyMesh.

nbn’s plan is to “5G-enable its network of more than 2,200 Fixed Wireless infrastructure sites and more than 22,000 cells in semi-rural areas and across regional and remote Australia. nbn will use the very latest 5G technology to vastly extend the range, speed and capacity of its existing Fixed Wireless network while reducing latency to deliver the best possible customer experience.”

As the Fixed Wireless coverage area increases in size, some Sky Muster and Sky Muster Plus customers will be able to switch from Satellite to Fixed Wireless.

As eligible satellite customers switch to Fixed Wireless, capacity will be freed up on the satellite network enabling the current fair use policy to be relaxed.

The project is set to be completed within the next 3 years.

As nbn provides more detail on which premises will be able to switch from satellite to wireless, SkyMesh will inform customers of their options.

What does this mean for existing Sky Muster customers?

Existing Sky Muster/Plus customers in newly serviceable Fixed Wireless areas should be able to switch once signal checks and the necessary hardware has been installed at your premises. It’s anticipated that by mid-2022, Sky Muster Plus customers can expect their unmetered off-peak period of the day to increase from 6 hours (1am-7am) to 16 hours (12am-4pm).

What next?

We expect our customers to be eager to access faster speeds and migrate to the enhanced Fixed Wireless network once tower upgrades have been completed and nbn starts offering installation appointments.  

As specialists in both fixed wireless and satellite internet, we are well placed to help our customers migrate between products and access better plans.

As more detail is provided from nbn, we look forward to keeping our customers updated and helping them understand any service improvements available at their premises.

Kelpie looking out into sunset
Barney Lassen
Written by Barney Lassen

Originally from Oxford (UK), Barney's headed up the Marketing team since 2016. Outside of work, you might catch him down his local swimming pool or walking his very-good-girl, Macey.

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