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Congratulations to those who snapped and won!

Well folks! You out did any expectation we could have ever had from our recent Get Snapping to Win photographic competition, and we can’t thank you enough.

We were definitely overwhelmed by the tremendous calibre of all 368 entries.

The images and captions submitted showcased the full scale of uses for a SkyMesh internet connection across rural and remote Australia.

They also touched on some of the enormous and catastrophic events of 2020, including the bushfires that tore through much of the south-east, and the impact of COVID19.

There were so many phenomenal entries with some very, very clever, well-thought-out captions that – to be honest – it was incredibly difficult for our judging panel to choose the Winners.

Choosing the Winners was linked to entries that:

  • showed the many and varied ways customers use their SkyMesh connection, and
  • came with a great supporting caption.

Like I said, it was a tough call, but here are the official Winners.

Congratulations to our following Winner and Runners-up!

Major Prize Winner [3-months FREE internet]

Sally Creber from Woorndoo, Victoria

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Sally Creber featuring a horse sticking it's nose through the window while a woman works on her computer

CAPTION: SkyMesh enabling me to work from the farm during COVID isolation!

Congratulations to our Major Prize Winner, Sally Creber from Woorndoo in Victoria. Woorndoo had a population of 169 people in the last Census, and sits neatly between Ararat and Warrnambool at 72 kilometres in either direction.

This heart-warming image showed us what it means for Sally (and many, many of our clients) to have access to a reliable SkyMesh internet connection at her home during one of the toughest years on record.

According to Roy Morgan, COVID 19 has forced more than 4.3 million people (32 per cent of working Australians) into work-from-home situations.

The internet has played a crucial part in making that a feasible activity and this image from Sally tells that story beautifully for rural Australia.

What could be more rural Australian than a farmer working with their animals? So, in this case, it’s an abstract take on that, but we loved it at SkyMesh.

Great job thinking outside the box Sally!

Runner-up Prize Winners [1-month FREE internet each]

1. Janelle Baker from Reid River, Queensland

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Janelle Baker featuring a sunset over a rural Australian setting

CAPTION: Thanks to COVID and SkyMesh, I now get to work from home permanently! With a view like this, why would I want to work from an office building!

2. Pam Pyne from Sweetmans Creek, New South Wales

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Pam Pyne featuring a gathering of locals on a Zoom catchup under a tent on one property

CAPTION: Down on the farm in the shed with few mates streaming on Zoom

3. Gavan Willis from Taradale, New South Wales

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Gavan Willis featuring a bushfire tearing through a rural Australian scene

CAPTION: During the fires we had no phones. The internet was the only way we had to let family know we were still alive. This is what we were looking at on New Years’ Eve.

4. Steven Woolstencroft from Jancourt East, Victoria

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Steven Woolstencroft featuring a rural Australian speedway

CAPTION: Having SkyMesh installed has enabled our small speedway club to move into the 21st century. We have now moved to online electronic ticketing. Also, with the SkyMesh service, we can now engage with our fan base with live results from our electronic timing system and audio/video streams of some of our prestigious races.


Like I said, this was a very difficult competition to judge so we thought we’d show you the rest of the entries in the finalists list too.

1. Nicole Rubin from Federal, Queensland

2020 Get Snapping entry of a goat from Nicole Rubin

CAPTION: SkyMesh gives me extra time to goat

2. David Stokes from Karangai, New South Wales

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from David Stokes featuring three computer screens set up for online gaming

CAPTION: I use SkyMesh to fly aeroplanes on-line with a group of flight-simmers who can be anywhere in the World. Without this service this would not be possible and as i am 82-years old I would not be able to pursue this wonderful hobby.

3. Nick Mayers from Flying Fox, Northern Territory

2020 get Snapping competition entry from Nick Mayers featuring farming equipment in action

CAPTION: I work and live in a mine in the middle of the NT. SkyMesh is the reason I can keep some sanity back in camp at night! Thank you SkyMesh

4. Karyn Oswald from Naring, Victoria

2020 Get Snapping competition entry featuring kids watching Netflix in the lounge room

CAPTION: Thanks to SkyMesh we can finally keep up with our city cousins and watch our favourite television shows anytime we like.

5. Bree Cahill from Smoky Creek, Queensland

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Bree Cahill featuring kids on the farm

CAPTION: SkyMesh’s internet has meant that these three, have been able to study distance education whilst mum and dad study cattle prices!

6. Michael Muller from Liston, Queensland

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Michael Muller featuring him at a grand piano in front of some bookshelves

CAPTION: Our SkyMesh nbn™ has allowed us to take our international music teaching online, and we’ve been visiting Scotland, Britain and Malaysia weekly to deliver our classes from rural New South Wales!

7. Mark Guerin from Anglers Rest, Victoria

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Mark Guerin featuring his adult children on the hood of a 4WD getting ready to go and fight a bushfire. Smoke visible in the background

CAPTION: These are our children ready for the forefront that was heading towards us, only metres away. We shared this photo with all our family and friends to let them know we were ok and ready to take on the beast.

8. Ricky Field from Girraween, Northern Territory

2020 Get Snapping competition entry from Ricky Field featuring a statue of a crocodile pulling a Christmas sleigh

CAPTION: Share a crocing good time with family

Thank you again to everyone who got involved with this competition. We’ve jam-packed 2021 full of exciting opportunities to get involved and WIN at SkyMesh so watch this space for your next opportunity to play with us.

If you feel inspired by these entries to get a SkyMesh internet connection at your place, here’s where you start.


Louise Hughes
Written by Louise Hughes

Louise has had a life-long love affair with beautiful words; writing because it drives her, and reading because it feeds her soul. She's the luckiest woman alive to be able to create clever content and intelligent customer experiences for a living.

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