What you said: The 2019 Customer Survey

SkyMesh customer from Dayboro

It’s just the way we work at SkyMesh. There’s really not a person here who doesn’t do something every day to create a better experience for our customers.

We like what Jeff Bezos (of Amazon.com fame) has to say about continually working to make the customer’s experience a little better every day.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better”

– Jeff Bezos, Founder, CEO and President of Amazon.com

In fact, it’s the very reason we send out customer surveys annually.

But, continuous improvement at SkyMesh is not only about annual feedback.

We’re listening when you call, we’re paying attention when you write to us, and we’re taking heed of your social media feedback.

It’s the things you tell us all year round that help us build a service that works for you, and a brand you love.



Here’s what you said about our Satellite Internet services

Our service is getting better

Out of 32,000 Residential Satellite Internet customers, more than 3,100 Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ Plus customers responded to the survey.

For us, the most exciting news is that you feel we’ve continued to get better.

Remember, this is the aim of the game for us: To keep building you a better service.

You told us we’d moved the needle on last year’s performance by 8 points on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale.

That’s actually quite a tremendous amount of movement.

In 2018, our NPS was +36, and this year it’s come in at +44.

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, which is a metric used in customer experience programs. NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company. NPS scores are measured with a single question survey and reported with a number from -100 to +100, a higher score is desirable.

[Source: https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/customer/net-promoter-score]



Female farmer using the internet from her tractor

Here’s two reasons why that’s exciting for us:

1) Firstly, Customer Monitor tells us in their Australian NPS Industry Benchmarks report that the Telecommunications Industry (that’s our industry) sits at an average NPS of -7. That means you think we’re 51 points better than the Telecommunications Industry average.

2) Secondly, Customer Guru shows we’re ranking up there with the big boys like Apple (NPS of +47) and Microsoft (NPS of +45) when it comes to our customers spreading the word about us. While we’re thrilled that our likeability ranks among major global players, none of this means we get complacent though.

We have great plans to give you even more of what you want in 2020.

More on that further down in this article.


A few comments from Satellite Internet service customers

“Top drawer company.” – Customer, Coffee Camp, NSW

“SkyMesh has great support and has been excellent to deal with. Free school holiday data is a great idea.” – Customer, Bells Beach, VIC

“Barely any problems/outages. When there are, SkyMesh fixes them ASAP and keeps customers updated.” – Customer, Casino, NSW

“Before we got our Satellite, we were using another company’s dongle for Internet, paying outrageous prices for next to no data. When we realised what we could get from you guys, and the price we would be paying, trust me, you are worthy of a 10!!! We are happy to say we are SkyMesh customers.” – Customer, Beaufort, VIC

“SkyMesh has been reliable for me to use in the bush.” – Customer, Flinton, QLD



Rural kid using the internet at home

You’re pretty happy with our sales and support teams

We were gladly taken aback by the views you shared on your experience with our sales and support teams.

They work hard to get the best outcome possible for every enquiry, so it’s good to see it paying off for you.

Sales team

Approximately 94 per cent of you see our Sales team as above average in your eyes.

Of that group, close to 43 per cent of you said the Sales team was good, with a further 51 per cent declaring they were excellent.

We’re pleased you’re having such an easy time with this crew.

“The whole process of getting set up with SkyMesh was easy, and I like the idea of no lock-in contracts.”

– Customer, South Maclean, QLD

Customer Support team

It’s a particularly good thing that you’re happy with the experiences you’re having with the Customer and Technical Support teams. After all, these are the people you rely on for continued help long after the sale is made.

We expect these people to look after you well, and from what you’re telling us, it seems they’re doing a good job.

The Customer Support team are responsible for your enquiries about your account administration and billing.

Close to 93 per cent you said this team were above average.

Approximately 39 per cent of you said the Customer Support team were good and 54 per cent said they were excellent.

“If we have a problem, the team at SkyMesh work it out pretty fast.”

– Customer, Missabotti, NSW

Technical Support team

It also seems we’re doing pretty well when it comes to giving you quality tech support.

The Technical Support team are responsible for helping you troubleshoot any problems with your Internet connection.

Like with the Customer Support team, close to 93 per cent of you feel you’re getting above-average support from our tech folks.

Approximately 38 per cent of people rated the team as good, with a further 55 per cent of people saying they were excellent.

“I can actually speak to a person when I have a problem and SkyMesh attend to it immediately.’

– Customer, Amamoor Creek, QLD

Probably the most common piece of feedback we got back about all three teams was that you liked that they’re based in Australia.



Child online for distance education

The tools and programs you said you wanted

Data tracking

A large percentage of survey responses called out for better ways to track your data usage, especially when it comes to what the kids are up to!

Many people were more specific, saying you’d like to track your data usage on an hourly basis.

“Our children are home-schooled, and some of our daughter’s year 11 subjects use up to 10GB of data per day. Help please.”

– Customer, Gin Gin, QLD

We know it’s hard to manage your data allowance if you can’t effectively see how you’re tracking.

But help is on its way!

In 2020, you’ll see better data tracking tools as part of our upgrade to your online SkyMesh Account.

More on that further down.

Educational usage

Better data tracking ability wasn’t the only request when it comes to educational usage of the Internet.

Quite a few of you asked about tools or information to help maximise Internet usage for home-schooled kids.

The good news is we’ve been compiling a library of useful information behind the scenes for a while now.

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for its pending release early 2020.

One thing we’re looking forward to sharing with you is a terrific interview with Alana Moller, Federal President of the Isolated Children’s Parent’s Association.

That’s set to be on our website just after Christmas.

In this particular interview, Alana talks about the changes to home-schooling since the Internet landed on the scene. But she also offers up some tips on getting the most from your Education Internet Service.

If you want to be kept in the loop as we publish this sort of information, hit the button below.




girl gamer

Online gaming

In a rising trend, the survey delivered loads of people asking how to make the best of Satellite Internet for online gaming purposes.

“Send us info on how to make the best of using Satellite Internet. Kids can’t play online games as they can’t load games as Internet is always slow.”

– Customer, Nimmitabel, NSW

We’ve been aware for some time that people want to know more about online gaming with a Satellite Internet connection.

The problem here is that Satellite Internet connections are not ideal for some types of gaming. A limit exists on how much bandwidth there is to go around, which is why nbn™ have a fair use policy.

The good news for the gamers out there, however, is that we’ve been beavering away to produce content that will help you do what you love.

It’s coming very soon.

Want to be notified when it drops? Subscribe to notifications below, and we’ll email you when we release new content.




Kids with iPad

Here’s what you said about our Fixed Wireless Internet services

Close to 630 Fixed Wireless customers responded to the survey.

We heard you say clearly that:

  • you think we’ve continued to improve our service to you
  • you’re happy about that, but
  • there’s still room for improvement.

By-and-large, your advice was that, really, it was the technology that had the most room for improvement.

“Happy with the service. Our big issue is nbn™. Being in a rural area with no line of sight to the tower means it can be slow and sometimes drops out.”

– Customer, Silvan, VIC

Your feedback for 2019 put our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Fixed Wireless Internet services at +44.

This pushes us up two points from 2018’s score of +42. The year before, we sat at +38.

We’re glad this gradual upward trend reflects the incremental improvements we’ve been making across the network. At the end of the day, it’s all about improving your Internet experience.

A few comments from Fixed Wireless Internet service customers

“Good service, very rarely is there an issue, I had to ring once a while back, service team were excellent, and was sorted easily.” – Customer, The Whiteman, NSW

“Excellent service, friendly and understandable service techs.” – Customer, Brunswick, WA

“Service has always been good, and I have no complaints.” – Customer, Coffee Camp, NSW

“Good pricing, good speed, minimal outages.” – Customer, Boonie Doon, VIC

“A1 service. A1 Internet speeds.” – Customer, East Deep Creek, QLD

“SkyMesh have unlimited Fixed Wireless data at a very reasonable rate with good service and notification outages.” – Customer, Gympie, QLD



Uni student on internet

What you said about our sales and support teams

Sales team

Ninety-five per cent of you thought our Sales team was above average.

When you break that down, 43 per cent of you said the team was good while the rest (52 per cent) said they were excellent.

“Good sales, customer and tech services.”

– Customer, Strathfieldsaye, VIC


Customer Support team

In particular, the Customer Support team received substantial kudos from you, with 90 per cent saying they were above average.

Thirty-nine per cent of you said the team were good, and a further 51 per cent saying they were excellent.

“The support teams are so helpful and patient. My wireless nbn™ is very quick. I am happy with SkyMesh.”

– Customer, Eddington, VIC

Technical Support team

The Technical Support team also received a great rap with 90 per cent of people saying they were above average.

From that cohort, 36 per cent said the team were good, with a further 54 per cent saying they were excellent.

The technical help has been very good for me as I am an aged customer.”

– Customer, Attunga, NSW


We are advocating for you with nbn™

From both the Satellite Internet and Fixed Wireless Internet services, we heard loud and clear that you want more from the service you get as rural nbn™ customers.

And we want you to know that, yes, we do regularly advocate for you.

We are continually championing an increase in data and speed access for rural customers. This is at the centre of all our feedback to nbn™ when they run consultations across the Industry.

Happily, nbn™ take the feedback we give them seriously, so watch this space in the new year.

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SkyMesh customer with his dog on his property

Feedback that spans all products

How you heard about us

It would seem the old adage about Word-of-Mouth being the best type of marketing is spot-on.

The results were consistent across both Satellite and Fixed Wireless Internet services, and most you said you’d heard about us via Word-of-Mouth:

  • Satellite Internet services – 35 per cent
  • Fixed Wireless Internet services – 38 per cent.

The next most popular way of hearing about SkyMesh was via an Internet search:

  • Satellite Internet services – 34 per cent
  • Fixed Wireless Internet services – 27 per cent.

Why you decided to give us a go

The majority of people right across the board said they were persuaded to give SkyMesh a go because of the following features:

  • No lock-contracts
  • Free set-up (no activation, installation or connection fees)
  • Australian support.

How you rated the SkyMesh Account login

More than 87 per cent of both Satellite and Fixed Wireless customers were fans of their online SkyMesh Account login.

There were some detractors, with those that responded negatively saying things like:

  • they found it old fashioned
  • it was hard to use
  • passwords for it were difficult to manage.

Don’t worry if you’re unhappy with this service. We’ve got some very good news coming. Read on below.



Surprised Internet User

What’s planned for 2020

New online SkyMesh Account login

We have overhauled the entire experience for you with the new online SkyMesh Account login.

The feedback we’ve heard from you in the past has been taken on board. We’ve modernised what you’ll see, and how you’ll navigate through the new online account.

You’ll find improvements to the way data is tracked, network status is communicated and that your ability to make changes to your plan has become easier. You can easily track your billing and get exclusive tips and tricks that are just for SkyMesh customers only.

This is set to come your way in the first half of 2020.

Updates to products and plans

Also, in 2020, you’ll see us revamping plans across the spectrum of products and services we offer. These changes will be designed to give you more value and improve your access to data.

Great content and improved access to tools, tips and tricks to get the best out of your data and online experience.

You’ve been asking for more of this, so you’ll notice 2020 is choker block full of stories, guides, videos, how-to articles and much more.

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Who won the FREE month of data?

Satellite Internet Services winner

L. Wood
Willunga South, South Australia

Fixed Wireless Internet Services winner

B. Woodstock
East Deep Creek, Queensland

Not already a SkyMesh customer? No problems. Use the button below to check nbn™ availability at your place.



Stephen O'Shanassy
Written by Stephen O'Shanassy

Stephen joined SkyMesh in October 2018 as Managing Director. He is responsible for the team at SkyMesh and making sure that we give our customers the best possible outcomes.

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