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SkyMesh Voice (VoIP) for Redtrain Fibre

Local & National Landlines180013/1300Australian MobilesInternationalMonthly Fee
10¢ untimedFree25¢ untimed30¢ per minute or part thereofFrom 1¢ per minute$10 plus call chargesCIS
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CISClick on these icons (shown above) to view the Critical Information Summary of each Plan as required under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code.

Unit Pricing:

The cost of making a two minute Standard National Mobile Call is $0.60.

Plan Notes:
  • SkyMesh will assign you a phone number that is local to the area in which you live. When people from your local area call you, it will be a local call for them.
  • Calls from one SkyMesh Voice service to another are FREE.
  • SkyMesh Voice is a Premium Quality VoIP Service with all outgoing calls made via Premium Providers.
  • SkyMesh Voice for Redtrain Fibre is specifically designed to work with a SkyMesh Redtrain Fibre Services and is only available to new or existing SkyMesh Redtrain Fibre customers.
  • The Monthly Fee is charged monthly in advance and calls are charged at the end of the month.
  • SkyMesh Voice will not work well if your broadband Internet service is speed limited.
  • Priority Assistance is not available with this service.
  • Calls to 1223 cost 75¢ per call.
  • Calls to 190 Premium services are not available.
  • International Call Rates


Establishment Fees
Establishment Notes:
  • Your SkyMesh Voice Service will only be established after your SkyMesh Redtrain Fibre service has been installed and is in operation.
  • The service is provided on a self-install basis and you will need to plug in the telephone yourself. An installer will not visit you.