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nbn co are currently making excellent progress with the network rollout and thousands of locations are being connected every day.

By 2020 the whole of Australia will have access to the new nbn™ network.

To see if the nbn™ rollout has arrived at your premises and which technology/service will be available, use our availability checker right now.

If the rollout hasn’t reached your location just yet, be sure to join our waiting list and we’ll email you as soon as it does.

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nbn™ is the new Australian broadband network. It’s super fast and affordable. See if you can upgrade now.

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“I highly recommend others to choose SkyMesh when switching to the NBN. You won’t be disappointed. I initially signed up with a competitor for my NBN. I was paying for the fastest speed 100/400 but between 3pm and 10pm each day it’d drop down to about 5mbps. That’s awful. Signed up with SkyMesh and haven’t had a problem since.”

Simonette Stadler

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