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SkyMesh Advisories

A list of advisories currently affecting SkyMesh services is shown below. Also listed below are any advisories that affected SkyMesh services in the past seven days.

Please note that all times are shown in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Current Advisories

Toowoomba Fibre & Fixed Wireless Upgrade

Severity : Offline
Status : Resolution Expected
Started at : 15/02/2016 9:00am
Expected End Time : 15/02/2016 11:00am

SkyMesh will be upgrading our backhaul link between Toowoomba to Brisbane at 9:00 am AEST this coming Monday morning. Our backhaul provider had advised that a change in technology is required which will result in an outage of an hour or two. Unfortunately they have advised us that they can only do this work during daylight hours. We regret any inconvenience this will cause our Toowoomba Fibre and Fixed Wireless customers however it will relieve congestion during peak hours. Our satellite customers will be unaffected by this change.

Toowoomba Fibre & Fixed Wireless Congestion

Severity : Degraded
Status : Resolution Expected
Started at : 15/01/2016 12:00am
Expected End Time : 16/02/2016 9:00am

We are aware of congestion at peak times on our backhaul link from Toowoomba to Brisbane. We have ordered a significant bandwidth upgrade from our upstream provider which is expected to be completed by 16/2/2016. We regret any inconvenience this is causing our Toowoomba customers.

There are currently no other advisories in effect.

Previous Advisories (Past 7 days)

Victoria Fibre & Fixed Wireless Issues

Severity : Degraded
Status : Resolved
Started at : 02/02/2016 10:30am
Expected End Time : To Be Advised

We are aware of an issue that may be affecting some of our Victoria customers. Please be aware we are looking into this but are unable to give an ETA for resolution yet.

NBN Satellite (Beam NK501, NK503) - degraded

Severity : Degraded
Status : Resolved
Started at : 10/12/2015 10:25am
Expected End Time : To Be Advised

We have been advised by NBN Co's Managed Service Provider that a fault was affecting NBN Satellite (ISS) services connected via the Perth (NK501) & Cairns beams (NK503).